Churchill’s summer wildflowers are in full bloom igniting the tundra with a patchwork of life exuding color. The Arctic wildflowers are incredible and throughout the summer different waves of color emerge. As a guide for the Arctic summer trips,  I became immersed in identifying the flowers and educating travelers on the unique qualities of each. The tundra and its colors are one aspect of the amazing Churchill Arctic summer!

Churchill wildflowers

Round-leaved orchid, purple paintbrush and bog asphodel. Rhonda Reid photo.

Round - leaved orchid Churchill

Round – leaved orchid in Churchill. Steve Selden photo.

Churchill, Manitoba is a treasure trove of wildflowers.

Churchill wildflowers on the tundra. Steve Selden Photo.

Fall colors in the tundra and pre cambrian sheild, Churchill, Manitoba.

August colors of the tundra. Ed Bouvier photo.

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