Churchill is getting into full Arctic summer swing and the region is opening up and sharing the treasures of the short season of vibrant life. Beluga whales, wildflowers, incredible bird-life and the mystery of the tundra all complete a picture of vibrant life that burns brightly for just about three months. Even polar bears join the party as the summer rolls on. Summer is a very different season then the dynamic fall polar bear season or the winter northern lights season in February and March. The summer is certainly the jewel of the Arctic!

plant life and permafrost in Churchill.

Fireweed is prevalent in Churchill. Steve Selden photo.

Beluga whales Churchill, MB.

Beluga whales in the Churchill River. Sea north Tours photo.

lesser yellowlegs in Churchill,MB

Lesser yellowlegs. Rhonda Reid photo.

Polar bears in Churchill.

Polar bears nestled in the Pre cambrian sheild. Steve Selden photo.

kayakers, belugas and sea north tours

Kayakers surrounded by beluga whales in the hudson Bay. Sea North Tours photo.

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