October and the start of polar bear season in Churchill is only a couple of months away and some cool polar bear photos are just what we need to get excited about the season ahead. These fantastic shots are by Natural Habitat Adventures guides and give a sense of the proximity one gets within the bears environment. The upcoming season promises to be one of the beast ever.

Polar bear cooling off in Churchill, Manitoba.

Polar bear cooling off in Churchill, MB. Natural Habitat Adventures photo.

A mother polar bear and her two cubs on the move in order to avoid a male polar bear in Churchill, Manitoba.

Mother polar bear and cubs heading for the high ground. Brad Josephs photo.

Churchill polar bear resting on a rock.

Polar bear resting on a rock in Churchill. Colby Brokvist photo.

Cubs of the year wrestle in the wilows of Churchill, Manitoba.

Two coy frolick in the willows. Colby Brokvist photo.

On of the first polar bears of the season sports a frosty white coat in Churchill, Manitoba.

Frosty white polar bear on the tundra. Brad Josephs photo.

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