Some fresh summer shots from Churchill local photographer and Parc’s Canada ranger Rhonda Reid. Churchill is full of many surprises as summer starts to blend into fall during August. A Natural Habitat Adventures group was incredibly fortunate to see polar bears, beluga whales and northern lights last week which is always an incredible feat!

Northern grass of parnassus.

Northern grass of parnassus with pollinating insects in petals. Rhonda Reid photo.

Precambrian shield in Churchill.

Precambrian shield sloping down towards the Hudson Bay. Rhonda Reid photo.

Polar bear mom and cub Churchill River.

Polar bear mom and cub nearing the dock at Cape Merry. Rhonda Reid photo.

Manitoba Conservation officer monitoring polar bears.

Manitoba Conservation officer monitoring bears emerging from water. Rhonda Reid photo.

Polar bears near Cape merry Churchill.

Polar bear sow and cub on the far point rocks near Cape Merry. Rhonda Reid photo.

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