Churchill’s polar bear season is running along smoothly and bear counts are increasing daily. The hudson Bay has a buffer of land – fast ice that will continue to expand with cooler temperatures. Northern lights have been sharing the spotlight with polar bears so far this season with incredible shows over the last few nights. Check out these tantalizing northern lights photos by Drew Hamilton!

northern lights in Churchill, Manitoba

Northern lights above the inukshuk in town. Drew Hamilton photo.

Last night had a high rating of probability, six, which is very infrequent according to Natural Habitat Adventures guide Eric Rock. Natural Habitat adventures Guides in Churchill expressed that last nights lights were some of the best they have ever seen in the north. Northern lights could be seen as far south as the northern united states with fascinating displays reported from many.

Northern lights in Churchill, Manitoba

Tantalizing northern lights in the Churchill sky. Drew Hamilton photo.

Churchill’s main northern lights season occurs in February and March with increased probability of seeing the spectacle. Since the Hudson Bay and Churchill River are frozen solid at that time of year, night skies tend to have more cloudless nights without water being drawn up from the Hudson Bay by prevailing north winds. These amazing displays are a bonus for travelers seeking out the polar bears and other Arctic wildlife of the Churchill region.

aurora borealis in Churchill, Manitoba

Natural Habitat Adventures travelers by the inukshuk under aurora. Drew Hamilton photo.

Northern lights in churchill, Manitoba

Northern lights from the boreal forest. Drew Hamilton photo.

northern lights in Churchill, Manitoba

Boreal forest view of the northern lights. Drew Hamilton photo.

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