Natural Habitat Adventures guide Drew Hamilton’s photo group travelers snapped these pretty cool polar bear shots from their cell phones. Granted, the majority of the group posses numerous fancy, high powered lenses as one photo depicts, though it just shows that these days the quality of cameras in phones can produce excellent images. These polar bear photos are from photographers with all the gear and they still got the shots using minimal technology. Polar bears are curious animals and are attracted to most foreign smells out on the tundra. This allows travelers to usually get close and personal with bears as they approach the polar rovers.

polar bear Churchill

Polar bears have an incredible sense of smell. Robin Snow photo.

Polar bear in Churchill, Manitoba

Polar bear up close and personal in Churchill. Dean Snow photo.

lenses in Churchill, Manitoba

Photo group with all the gear. Emily Chang photo.

polar bear in Churchill, MAnitoba

Polar bear face through the Rover deck grate. Dean Snow photo.

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