Polar bear season 2016 was resounding success in Churchill. The ice has formed across the Hudson Bay and polar bears have migrated to the ice surface to hunt seals and build up their fat reserves that will carry them through the year. A few bears are still lingering around Mile Five and Ladoons dogs.Once the photographers and travelers have all dispersed, the surplus meat supply will dry up as well. Soon they will make the journey to the ice as well in search of fresh seal meat.

Here are some more amazing photos from the end of this season. Enjoy!

northern lights in Churchill, Manitoba

Northern lights over Churchill. Brad Josephs photo

polar bear Churchill, Manitoba

Polar bear eying the fans. Brad Josephs photo.

polar bear churchill, Manitoba

Polar bear on the frozen tundra. Brad Josephs photo.

northern lights natural habitat adventures in Churchill, Manitoba

Natural Habitat Adventures group in Churchill. Brad Josephs photo.

polar bears in Churchill.

Polar bear family in Churchill. Katie De Meulles photo.

Sled dog churchill, Manitoba

Churchill sled dog. Brad Josephs photo.

dog sledding in Churchill, Manitoba

Dog sledding in Churchill. Brad Josephs photo.

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