Hudson Bay Quest 2015.

Hudson Bay Quest dog eager to run. Laurie Dingwall photo.

This year’s Hudson Bay Quest will start in Churchill on Thursday March 17th (St. Patty’s Day) and finish in Gillam! Should be quite a celebration with some green beer at the start line. Come to Churchill and see the northern lights and the start of a great race!

1.) Dan DiMuzio
Kennel – Sleddog Energy
Churchill, MB

2.) Charlie Lundie
Kennel – Charlie’s Kennel
Churchill, MB

3.) David Daley
Kennel – Wapusk Adventures
Churchill, MB

4.) Justin Allen
Kennel – Wapusk Adventures
Churchill, MB

5.) Peter McClelland
Kennel – White Wilderness
Ely, MN, USA

6.) Shawn McCarty
Kennel – White Wilderness
Ely, MN, USA

7.) Jamie Nelson
Kennel – Rocky Glenn
Togo, MN, USA

8.) Craig Houghton
Kennel – Craig and Sean Racing Dogs
Fort St. James, BC

9.) Bruce Langmaid
Kennel – Cashman Creek Sleddogs
Kearney, ON

10.) Leanne Bergen
Kennel – Gone to the Dogs Racing
Sioux Lookout, ON

11.) Matt Groth
Kennel – Grand Marais Sled a Dog Adventures
Grand Marais, MN, USA

Welcome to the HBQ!

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