As the 2016 polar bear season winds down in Churchill, the stellar photos keep pouring in from Natural Habitat Adventures guides. These fine images from Brad Josephs are indicative of an incredible polar bear season on the tundra. Looking forward to posting more fantastic shots in the next week. Enjoy!

Brad Josephs Churchill polar bears

Sparring polar bears in Churchill. Brad Josephs photo.

polar bears sparring in Churchill, Manitoba

Polar bears engaged in sparring. Brad Josephs photo.

polar bears in Churchill, Mnaitoba

Polar bear near the polar rover at sunset. Brad Josephs photo.

Brad Josephs Arctic Hare in Churchill, Manitoba

Arctic hare in the rocks and snow. Brad Josephs photo.

Northern lights in Churchill

Northern lights in Churchill. Brad Josephs photo.

northern lights in Churchill, Manitoba

Natural Habitat Adventures traveler under the northern lights. Brad Josephs photo.

Churchill train station

Churchill train depot. Brad Josephs photo.

Sled dog in Churchill, Manitoba

Northern sled dog in Churchill. Brad Josephs photo.

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