Mother and cub polar bear Churchill, MB

Mother and her cub on the tip of Eskimo Point. Moira Le Patourel photo.

When you think summer in Churchill you usually think beluga whales, tundra wildflowers and amazing numbers of migratory life – list birds. Polar bears are generally not on traveler’s radar though summer bear activity has become more of the norm these days. When I guided Churchill arctic summer trips, polar bear activity usually ramped up in August and it was always an incredible surprise when groups did see the king of the arctic in their natural habitat. These days expectations have grown and polar bears seem to surface or rather emerge from the Hudson Bay on a more regular basis and even in July. Although there’s no guarantee, the chances of venturing to Churchill and seeing polar bears in summer have grown dramatically. Churchill Arctic Summer can be an incredible jackpot of natural wonders!

Polar bear in the Hudson Bay. Churchill.

Polar bear sow and cub in the Hudson Bay. Stephanie Fernandez photo.

Polar bear in the mist.

Curious polar bear checking out travelers. Natural Habitat Adventures photo.

Summer polar bear in Arctic.

Polar bear on the rocks in Churchill. Photo Rhonda Reid.

Polar bear on the rocks at Eskimo Point.

Polar bear on the rocks, Churchill,MB. Natural Habitat Adventures photo.

Churchill polar bear

Older male polar bear. John Lehmann photo.

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