Natural Habitat Adventures guide Justin Gibson was busy keeping his avid travelers active this past week with various northern activities. With the frigid temperatures continuing in the north, if one doesn’t stay focused and active it can allow the mind to become obsessed with the cold. Mind over matter absolutely wins in these conditions. Coming from the northeast and living through so many long, cold winters, I have realized people everywhere allow themselves to complain about cold no matter what the thresh-hold is. The beauty of Churchill and the sub – Arctic can ease the mind from these stresses. The magical northern lights are a big incentive to stay positive in the far north!

These images from guide Justin Gibson really portray the harsh conditions that make the Arctic both endearing and forbidding in allure. Enjoy!

northern lights in Churchill, Manitoba

The swirl of northern lights in Churchill. Justin Gibson photo.

Inukshuk in Churchill, Manitoba

Natural Habitat Adventures group photographing an inukshuk in Arctic cold. Justin Gibson photo.

Churchill northern lights

A truly Arctic image from Churchill. Justin Gibson photo.

Churchill igloo building.

Igloo building in Churchill. Justin Gibson photo.

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