An extreme activity warning for aurora borealis viewing was issued prior to last night for Churchill and we surely were not disappointed! These images from Natural Habitat Adventure’s guide Drew Hamilton are pretty creative and spectacular. The nights have been filled with northern lights this season and they just seem to be getting better and better. With 10 days and counting until the Hudson Bay Quest leaves from Churchill hopes are high for some night navigation by the glow in the sky.

northern lights in Churchill polar bear sign

Northern lights with a polar bear caution sign in Churchill. Drew Hamilton photo.

Krumholz spruce with northern lights

A Krumholz shaped spruce tree in Churchill with aurora borealis. Drew Hamilton photo.

northern lights in Churchill, Manitoba

Intense northern lights in Churchill. Drew Hamilton photo.

Natural Habitat adventure guides under churchill, manitoba northern lights

Natural Habitat guides hard at “work”. Drew Hamilton photo.

northern lights above the churchill, Manitoba boreal forest

Northern lights above a spruce stand by the boreal forest. Drew Hamilton photo.

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