This documentary by The Nature of Things, Polar Bears: A Summer Odyssey, stars a Western Hudson Bay curious teenage polar bear near Churchill. This picturesque footage, filmed over a year, follows a juvenile polar bear’s migration through the frigid Hudson Bay waters to the rocky Pre – Cambrian shores and documents the challenges to subsist on whatever he can during the ice – free season.

As a first year cub on his own he faces the new burden that global warming is contributing to his world, and ours. Spending Summer seasons on the land for polar bears has been a way of life for thousands of years. Researchers have theorized that the polar bears main migration path is guided by the stars and their mothers teach them this survival technique they will use for their entire lives.

With ice – free days continuing to increase with time, polar bears are finding ways to adapt to the trials of becoming more land – based predators. This shows some of the burdens they face in the sub -Arctic!

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