Churchill Northern Lights – Dream Photo

This shot by Alex De Vries – Magnifico of the shimmering northern lights reflecting on a tundra pond is mesmerizing. Alex has contributed many aurora borealis photos from Churchill over the years and this one is incredible. Another Churchill photographer and contributor, Katie de Meulles, is framed capturing the aurora borealis as well!

northern lights in Churchill

Northern lights reflecting in the water in Churchill. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.

Churchill Video of the Week – Polar Bears

A short mixed video of various spectacular wildlife sightings in Churchill during polar bear season in October and November. Some awesome footage of from a traveler to the region who was lucky to see just about every polar bear behavior and other wildlife as well. With polar bear season creeping up on us and bears already in the area, this footage should get travelers excited to venture to thew polar bear capital of the world. Enjoy!


Arctic Spotlight – Greenland Photos

These stunning photos from Natural Habitat guide Melissa Scott in Greenland highlight the intense scenic beauty there. Greenland Base Camp is one of the newest wonders conceived by Natural Habitat Adventures. The Arctic experience is enjoyed while relaxing in incredibly comforting accommodations. Check out some of the incredible images by Melissa and dream of visiting this outer world within our world!

Humpback whale Greenland

A humpback whale exposes his tail fluke in a Greenland fjiord. Melissa Scott photo.

Greenland house Tasiliaq

A typical Greenland residence in Tasiliaq. Melissa Scott photo.

Aurora borealis in Greenland

Ribbons of aurora in Greenland. Melissa Scott photo.

Greenland iceberg

Giant iceberg off the coast of Greenland. Melissa Scott photo.


Tasiliaq, Greenland northern lights

Magnificent northern lights over a Greenland inlet, Greenland. Melissa Scott photo.

icy Greenland fjiord

Exploring the fjiords of Greenland with Natural Habitat Adventures. Melissa Scott photo.

Kayaking in Greenland Base Camp Greenland

Kayaking in front of Natural Habitat base camp. Melissa Scott photo.

Northern fulmar in Greenland

A northern fulmar glides across a fjiord in Greenland. Melissa Scott photo.

aurora borealis Greenland

Aurora borealis over the town of Tasiliaq, Greenland.

Churchill Marine Observatory a Reality

Beluga whale churchill,Manitoba

Beluga whales would be adversely affected by oil spills in the Arctic. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.

The Province of Manitoba provided the final piece of the funding puzzle this week with a $9 million dollar pledge toward the projected $32 million Marine Observatory in Churchill. The main focus of the research carried out at the center will be on oil spills in the north and subsequent mitigation as well as prevention. Fragile Arctic and sub – Arctic wildlife and ecosystems will depend upon protection provided through this research station.

Lead scientist David Barber, a professor at University of Manitoba and Canada Research Chair in Arctic systems science, summarized the process leading up to this important announcement; “Everybody’s provided their funding, the project’s moving forward,” he stated. “We just need to finalize who’s going to build the thing. In the next 12 months we hope to get the building put together, functional and operating so it can be used for science .”

The funding will funnel through the University of Manitoba, the lead entity in this venture. A number of western Canadian universities and groups are involved in the massive coordination of budget and vision of the observatory. Manitoba’s commitment brings them all in line now.

With the recent closure of the Port of Churchill by US based Omnitrax, this announcement is a move in the right direction for the town of Churchill and prospective work – force. “This project is an important part of our vision for a strong, diversified northern economy,” stated Ian Wishart, the province’s Education and Training Minister.

Churchill Marine Observatory

Conceptual drawing of the Churchill Marine Observatory. Juliana Kusyk image.

“The Churchill Marine Observatory will create up to 21 permanent jobs, boost tourism and transportation in the region and enhance Manitoba and Canada’s reputation as a world leader in Arctic research,” added Wishart.

The project’s fundraising began in 2014 with three universities led by U of M applying to the Canadian Foundation for Innovation for almost 40 per cent of the needed $31.7 million. Manitoba, Aberta and British Columbia have contributed nearly $12 million with Manitoba being the stalwart at $9 million.

About 20 scientists will be based at the center in Churchill studying potential effects of oil and industry in the Arctic. Upon completion the Churchill Marine Observatory will provide a year – round base for new technology development and scientific research in the north. Universities from north America and Europe will utilize the center for student and faculty training and research as well.

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