Polar bear season is coming up in about a month in Churchill and polar bears have been gathering in the area over the course of the summer. This past unpredictable Churchill Arctic summer was one of the best in recent history for bear sightings. These images are some classics from past exciting polar bear seasons. Enjoy!

polar bears sparring in Churchill, Manitoba

Polar bears sparring in the water in Churchill. Andy Murch/Big Fish Expeditions.com photo.

polar bear swimming

Polar bears are swimming longer distances especially in the Beaufort Sea. Andrew Derocher photo.

Polar bears in Wapusk National Park

Polar bear sow and cubs in Wapusk National Park. Daisy Gilardini photo.

polar bear in Churchill, Manitoba

Polar bear gazing out at the Hudson Bay. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.

polar bears churchill, Manitoba

Polar bears emerging from the willows. Melissa Scott photo.

polar bears in Chiurchill

Polar bears sparring in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area. Natural habitat Adventures photo.




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