polar bear

Polar bear taking a selfie. Paul Nicklen/National Geographic photo.

polar bear red fox

A red fox and polar bear getting to know each other. Johansen Krause/National Geographic photo.

polar bear ice floe

Leaping from floe to floe a polar bear makes his way. Lee Hopkins/National Geographic photo.

polar bears sparring

Polar bears sparring on the pack ice. Paul Nicklen/National Geographic photo.

These four magnificent National Geographic images of polar bears are clearly some of the best out there. In honor of animal day we thought these show the incredible spirit of the iconic threatened species. In a week travelers will come to Churchill to see these hearty polar bears in their natural habitat on the tundra around the Hudson Bay. If you have ever wanted to have such an experience stay posted to this site for all the updates and news from Churchill over the next two months. You might be inspired to take a trip north yourself!

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