Polar bear season in Churchill can be slow early on though it’s appearing this one is off to a memorable start. The early snow has provided the wintry backdrop that travelers enjoy as well as the polar bears and other Arctic wildlife. The temperatures that accompany the snow cause wildlife to become active. Polar bears especially become active and roam the tundra. As the season goes on bears will spar incessantly and move more swiftly across the land. Signs are good that this season we will see incredible polar bear action all across the Churchill Wildlife Management Area!

polar rover churchill

Polar rover searching the tundra for wildlife. Moira Le Patourel photo.

polar rover

A group of Natural Habitat travelers with their polar rover. Moira LePatourel photo.

polar bear churchill

Polar bear lounging on the Precambrian shield. Don Walkoski photo.

Polar bear churchill

Polar bear surveying the rocks along the Hudson Bay coast. Don Walkoski photo.

Northern lights in Churchill.

Northern lights over the boreal forest in Churchill. Don Walkoski photo.

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