These amazing photographs by Natural Habitat Adventures guide Brad Josephs in Churchill are diverse in content and exhibit the awesome range of wildlife viewing travelers have been seeing on the tundra of the Churchill Wildlife Management Area. With more than a week to go in this phenomenal polar bear season there’s still much more action to see from Churchill!

polar bear in Churchill

Polar bear observing the polar rover. Brad Josephs photo.

Polar bear in kelp bed Churchill

Relaxing polar bear in a kelp bed. Brad Josephs photo.

Polar bear and Arctic fox

Polar bear awakens to an Arctic fox prowling nearby. Brad Josephs photo.

Ravens and snowy owl

Two ravens harass a snowy owl on the tundra. Brad Josephs photo.

snowy owl and ravens

Snowy owl strikes back at the ravens. Brad Josephs photo.

polar bears and polar rover churchill

Polar bears explore a polar rover out in the CWMA. Brad Josephs photo.

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