With the current polar bear season in Churchill heading towards the end we have some classic images from Natural Habitat Adventures guides for you. These guides work tirelessly to provide travelers with the most awesome experience in the sub – Arctic. This season has been a challenge with the moderate temperatures influencing polar bear behavior and movement out on the tundra. We still have had some incredible bear and other wildlife encounters that have produced fantastic images all season. Enjoy!

polar bear churchill

A polar bear emerges from the willows in the Churchill mist. Drew Hamilton photo.

polar bear in Churchill

Sunlight on a healthy polar bear in Churchill. Eric Rock photo.

red fox churchill manitoba

Red fox chasing lemmings on the tundra. Drew Hamilton photo.


Polar bear paw displaying claws. Drew Hamilton photo.

polar bear churchill

Polar bear family roaming the misty tundra. Brad Josephs photo.

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