Foreground features in incredible images of northern lights can give the photo more depth and make the shot much more interesting to the eye. Scale is also brought into play when including such features as an inukshuk, trees, buildings or any other feature that makes it easier to believe these captivating aurora borealis are truly real and not photo – shopped. Below are two images of each, two with earthly features and two of solely northern lights in the sky. You decide which are more interesting to the eye and mind!

Churchill northern lights

Northern lights over the Churchill Northern Studies Center in Churchill. CSNC photo.

Aurora borealis in Greenland

Ribbons of aurora in Greenland. Melissa Scott photo.

Northern lights Wapusk Adventures in Churchill, Manitoba

Tee pee at Wapusk Adventures in Churchill. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.

northern lights in Churchill, Manitoba

Intense northern lights in Churchill. Drew Hamilton photo.


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