Polar bear season is still almost four months away but these shots should get everyone excited for another magical fall in Churchill. We are sending all our best wishes and prayers for the people of Churchill as they deal with their lifeline, the Hudson Bay Rail line being washed out and needing repair so vital supplies can reach the town. Let’s hope polar bear season will provide some relief to all in the form of jobs and alternative forms of transporting goods to Churchill!

polar bear churchill, Manitoba

Hanging loose in Churchill. Jeff Klofft photo.


polar bear mother and cub in Churchill

Mother and cub polar bear relaxing on the Precambrian shield in Churchill. Katie de Meulles photo.


polar bear in fireweed Churchill, Manitoba

Polar bear in the fireweed in Churchill. Dennis Fast photo.


polar bear seal kill

Reality of nature. Polar bear hunting a seal on the pack ice. Roie Galitz photo.


Polar bears sparring in Churchill, MB.

Polar bears squaring off on the tundra. Natural Habitat Adventures photo.

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