Churchill northern lights

One of the incredible Sea Walls murals with northern lights behind. Eddy Savage photo.


Churchill northern lights

Great White Bears touring bus on a Nat Hab mission to see the northern lights. Eddy Savage photo.


Ithaca Churchill Manitoba

The infamous Ithaca shipwreck surrounded by ice and snow in the Hudson Bay. Andre Brandt photo.


Churchill northern lights

Abandoned tour bus imprisoned by the winter freeze and magical northern lights in Churchill. Eddy Savage photo.

These four photos from Eddy Savage and Andre Brandt show the beauty of northern lights even while accompanied by the most mundane things such as vehicles! In the north, everything tends to become part of the landscape since the cost to remove for recycling purposes is too high. We find these images beautiful in their own way. There is a sense of time stoppage in these images that is widespread in a land where time is seemingly more abundant. The allure of northern lights makes everything unique and full of character.

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