The people of Churchill have not heard the whistle of a train for 17 months…until Wednesday. The first train to reach Churchill in nearly a year and a half pulled into the station to the joyous yells and screams of townspeople running to greet the engines. This first train was just a small one with a couple of engines, flat car, and caboose. A test of tracks for longer passenger and cargo trains set to come by the end of November.

train in Churchill

The first train complete with caboose arrived in Churchill on Wednesday. Rhonda Reid photo.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came to Churchill to be a part of the celebration, acknowledge the suffering Churchillians have gone through and praise the groups and individuals that have bonded together to make this new beginning a reality for the northern communities.


The amazing transformation of the Hudson Bay rail line has taken a broken down system and repaired it in just over a month allowing the isolated towns of the north, including Churchill, to become part of the province infrastructure again. It truly is a historic time for Churchill and the other communities served by the railroad. Great things are just beginning to happen for this region!


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