polar bear in the snow Churchill, Manitoba

Stretching polar bear in the snow of Churchill. Dennis Minty photo.


polar bear in Churchill testing ice.

Polar bear testing the ice off the coast of Churchill. Colby Brokvist photo.


churchill polar bear

Looking ahead to the new year of 2018. Drew Hamilton photo.


polar bear napping in Churchill

A sleepy polar bear waking up from an afternoon nap Alex De Vries-Magnifico photo.


polar bear in Churchill

Polar bear resting in the willows in Churchill. Katie de Meulles photo.

Polar bear season is six months away but we can’t help ourselves with these awesome images of the King of the North. Churchill gets its share of polar bears in the summer months but the real influx and buzz comes in October and November. If you have not made it to Churchill yet to see these incredible beauties, find a way to make it there. We will bring you all the exciting news and images from next polar bear season when it arrives. In the meanwhile stay informed on Churchill summer season which will begin in late June and run through mid – August. There should be all kinds of surprises heading your way!

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