Churchill Photo of the Week

Dorota Walkoski of Great White Bear Tours captured this harbinger of spring image in Churchill. Caribou, snow geese and Canada geese fill the landscape and feed on the bounty which the north provides this time of year! Bountiful Churchill summer will be upon us soon and avid explorers will flock to town for birding excursions, beluga whale charters and tundra exploring in search of fox, polar bears, Arctic hare and even wolves. This summer on the Hudson Bay is shaping up to be one of the most exciting in recent years. Stay posted for all the news and photos from the north!

Churchill Sunday Photo – Sandhill Cranes

This photo of sandhill cranes and a Canada geese by Rhonda Reid is another sign that Churchill’s Arctic summer is just around the corner. Birds are arriving in Churchill and wildflowers will start flowering over the next few months. beluga whales will start arriving in the Hudson Bay and Churchill River and maybe even a few bears. Enjoy the spring and this cool photo!

Canada geese and sandhill cranes.

Sandhill cranes and Canada geese. Rhonda Reid photo.

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