Churchill Video of the Week – Belugas

Beluga whales have descended upon the Churchill region and the seasonal pull of the warmer water and shallow estuaries of freshwater rivers are driving the migration once again. Having spent over 10 seasons guiding in Churchill, I know the feeling of returning to the region and sharing the waters with thousands of these magical creatures. This is truly one of the most magical experiences on Earth!

Churchill Polar Bear season Field Notes

Cold temperatures and snow have descended on the Churchill region and the annual talk of an early freeze-up of the Hudson Bay has started. Wildlife, on the other hand, is plentiful and all about the tundra. Polar bears abound as they wait for ice in the bay. Check out these awesome shots from Natural Habitat Adventures guides in Churchill. We are all keeping a keen eye on the weather and hoping for a south wind to blow the ice that has formed already back north. Stay posted for information on the conditions in the Hudson Bay!

Churchill Inukshuk

Beautiful shot of the Churchill Inukshuk. T Whipple photo.


Polar bear churchill

Polar bear peeking out through its napping area in the Churchill willows. Leah Okin Magowan photo.


Cross fox Churchill

A cross fox roaming the frozen tundra in search of lemmings. Leah Okin Magowan photo.


Churchill polar bear

Polar bear cleaning his fur in the fresh snow. Leah Okin Magowan photo.


Red fox Churchill

Red fox on the rocks in Churchill. Leah Okin Magowan photo.


Northern Canada landscape

The incredible northern Canada landscape from above. T Whipple photo.


Tis the Season for Polar Bears

Check out these fantastic polar bear images from past Churchill seasons. We are excited to have the polar bear season starting up in the north Churchill region. Stay posted for all the news and photos from the tundra!

polar bear cubs nursing churchill, Manitoba

Nursing polar bear cubs. Jeff Klofft photo.


Polar bear in Churchill

Sleeping polar bear on a sunny day in Churchill. Katie deMeulles photo.


polar bear family churchill

Polar bear family walking the tundra in Churchill. Katie de Meulles photo.


Churchill polar bears.

Polar bears sparring on the snowy Churchill tundra. Drew Hamilton photo.


Polar bear on the Churchill Precambrian rocks

Summer polar bear fighting off the horse flies while resting on the Precambrian shield. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.


Churchill Summer Treasures

These amazing images from Churchill were taken last week by Natural Habitat Adventures guide Eddy Savage while exploring the tundra and water around the area. This particular group literally found some treasure under a rainbow when they came across a caribou on the tundra. Other incredible beluga whale encounters were quite close up with the zodiacs. A beautiful red fox was quite inquisitive toward the group and posed for some of the best shots we have seen in a long time.

All in all the weather for the week cooperated for the incredible wildlife viewing and a full exploration of the Churchill region was successful. What a week for seeing all the treasures around every rock or inlet in Churchill and on the water!

caribou on the Churchill tundra

A rainbow marks the spot a caribou pauses on the tundra in Churchill. Eddy Savage photo.


Red fox in Churchill.

A red fox is surprised by a group of Natural Habitat travelers while searching the land for food. Eddy Savage photo.


Zodiac of travelers in Churchill

A group of hearty Nat Hab travelers heads out on the Churchill River to view the beluga whales. Eddy Savage photo.


Halfway point beach in Churchill

Secluded beach at Halfway Point with hearty sea purslane growing above. Eddy Savage photo.


Polar Rover in Churchill.

Natural Habitat travelers pose with their massive Great White Bear polar rover in Churchill. Eddy Savage photo.


Fort Prince of Wales cannons.

Cannons on the walls of Fort Prince of Wales across from Churchill. Eddy Savage photo.


Beluga watchers from Natural Habitat in Churchill

A group of Natural Habitat travelers ready to roll and see some beluga whales. Eddy Savage photo.


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