Churchill photo of the Week – Moose

This fantastic photograph of two moose near Caution Creek in Manitoba taken by Rhonda Reid, shows the diversity of wildlife in the Churchill region. We love seeing these snapshots from the more remote areas away from Churchill. With no roads in or out of Churchill and the surrounding tundra, the land is wide open for wildlife to roam as they wish… truly a “wild” frontier.

moose churchill manitoba

Moose in the back country outside of Churchill. Rhonda Reid photo.

Polar Bear Icy Winter Arrives

Following an unusual two week extended polar bear “season” in the Churchill region, it finally seems that polar bears will be hunting seals out on the Hudson Bay ice – pack sooner than later. North winds and a dramatic drop in temperature has brought the ice in for good it appears. With tension around town growing increasingly high due to polar bears roaming the streets, ice on the Hudson Bay has never been more welcomed! Thanks to Polar Bear Alley and Great White Bear Tours for the awesome photos.

Hudson Bay ice in Churchill

Ice on the Hudson Bay in Churchill. Polar Bear Alley photo.

polar bears churchill great white bear

Mother and cub polar bear linger in the middle of the road. Great White Bear Tours photo.

Churchill Weekly Polar Bear Stats

The Hudson Bay is not cooperating for the hungry polar bears in the Churchill region. As you can see in the notes by Conservation officers, Churchill is not so safe these days. Hopes are high that the ice will return and remain  the rest of the winter once we are through this period. Anxious polar bears on the land and in the Polar Bear Holding Facility will eagerly migrate their once formed! This extended ice – free period will affect the southern Hudson Bay polar bear population in some way. It will be quite interesting to see what transpires in years to come.

polar bear in Churchill


Polar bear mother and cub resting on the Precambrian shield in Churchill. Katie de Meulles photo.

Hudson Bay ice map

Ice map of the Hudson Bay region showing very little ice in the bay. Environment Canada image.

Churchill Friday Photo – Boreal Sunset

Alex De Vries – Magnifico took this incredible Churchill sunset through the boreal forest on the outskirts of town. Sunsets are pretty amazing this time of year in the Churchill region! Polar bear season is surely the time to see diverse wildlife, especially polar bears, though the sunsets are second to none in our opinion! Enjoy.

Churchill, manitoba sunset

Churchill sunset through the boreal forest. Alex De Vries – Magnifico.

Churchill Video of the Week – Polar Bears

This National Geographic video is a great look into the harsh yet magical world of the polar bear in the Arctic. While the winter is still creeping into the Churchill region, the next couple of weeks will reveal increasing numbers of polar bears and other Arctic wildlife. Before we know it there will be all kinds of action coming from Churchill and brought to you here on This should be another amazing season up north with many surprises as it moves along!

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