Churchill Wildlife Field Report – Polar Bear Season

polar bears mother and cubs

Polar bear mom and cubs on the tundra. Jason Luoma photo.


polar bear churchill, Manitoba

Polar bear taking a look into the polar rover. Kry Walczak photo.


Polar bears sparring Churchill, Manitoba

Two sparring male polar bears near the tundra lodge in Churchill Wildlife Management Area. Jason Luoma photo.

With snow already covering the tundra in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, polar bears have become more active and are up and about sparring and moving along the coastal region near the Tundra Lodge. Numbers of bears being spotted by Natural Habitat Adventures groups are close to 15 or more.

Here are two Natural Habitat Adventure guide reports from the past week in Churchill:

Wildlife is exceptional for this time of year, and some exceptional moments in general. These include snowy owl and raven “playing” and gyrfalcons hunting and fighting over kills. Also a nice cross fox, three Arctic foxes and tons of polar bears. Sow and two coy were a highlight and we had young bears at the rovers and lodge for up-close encounters.”
“Wildlife is OFF THE CHARTS. A true banner week for this early in the season. We had three diverse weather days and incredible wildlife sightings, including: eight polar bears with close encounters, Arctic fox, red fox (silver morph),gyrfalcon, harbor seal, snow bunting, snowy owl, semi-palmated plovers, semi-palmated sandpipers, glaucous gulls, herring gulls, willow ptarmigan, common raven and common eider!!”
Looking forward to even more exciting action from the polar bear capital of the world! We will have more updates as they come in from the north!

Churchill Photos of the Week – Whiteout in Churchill

Nearly two feet of snow has fallen in Churchill and it was still coming down at the time of this report. Whiteout conditions and cold temperatures – -11 C- have prompted the Town of Churchill to shut down operations and advise people to stay inside. The polar bear capital of the world is not foreign to such occurrences with this kind of storm causing havoc at least once or twice throughout the winter. Things should be up and running tomorrow according to the forecast.

-Closure Due to Adverse Weather-
March 14, 2016

Due to the limited visibility and heavy snow fall the Town of Churchill will be shutting down operations this afternoon for the safety of staff and residents. Should you require any emergency assistance please contact our on call operators at 204-675-0108

All programming is cancelled within the Town Centre Complex and will resume as scheduled tomorrow. We are asking all residents to stay inside and stay safe!

Snow in Churchill, MB

Whiteout conditions in Churchill today. Mark Reynolds photo.

Snow in Churchill, Manitoba

Nearly two feet of snow has fallen in Churchill today. Katie de Meulles photo.

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