With the Churchill Arctic Summer season coming quickly, we thought we would present a video preview of the possibility of seeing polar bears in Churchill during the summer. This footage by local Churchillian Joe Stover was filmed last August. A mother polar bear with her two cubs walking along a road about 20 kilometers outside town is a somewhat rare sight though not uncommon if you happen to be in the right place at the right time. Summer is a paradox regarding polar bears. The “right place at the right time” can easily turn into the “wrong place at the wrong time” if one is unprepared or complacent in wandering the area without a guide or bear protection. This is true especially along the beaches where bears can easily conceal themselves in the undulating Precambrian shield. Summer in many aspects can be more dangerous than fall polar bear season as it’s common and easy to let one’s guard down. Being aware and not wandering too afar without protection or a vehicle will ensure staying safe.

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